The Team

Mzontsundu FM Management


Station Mzamo – Station Manager

Station manager ensure the smooth daily operation of the station on a day-to-day basis, station manager supervise and coordinate the schedules, workflow, and responsibilities of various departments.


Velisani Mgotywa – Programs Manager

Programs Manager is responsible for designing, coordinating and improving the internal and external programs of the station. Programs Manager work across a range of industries to deliver programs that align to the station’s strategic vision


Anathi Cezu – Head of News

Overseeing the daily operations of the newsroom and website content. Budgeting and hiring news staff. Reviewing stories to make sure they are fair and accurate before they go on the air. Ensuring adherence to journalistic and legal standards.


Asavela Qova –  Marketing

Production manager oversee the production process, coordinating all production activities and operations, ensure that the production will be cost effective by estimating costs and negotiating and agreeing budgets with both clients and managers, monitor the production processes and adjust schedules. Accomplishes information technology staff results.